Every one of those thousand little tasks that grown-ups have to take care of is one that kids are not thinking about when they want to grow up fast. It can be one of the most unpleasant parts of your day if last week’s garbage remains in the can or if the trash bag ruptures or leaks as you’re removing it from your curbside garbage can. Until we all have trash-cleaning robots in our homes, we must clean up after ourselves. Following are a few simple trash can tips that may make taking out the trash a little bit simpler.

1. Try a new way to replace rubbish bags.

There are a variety of ways to replace a garbage bag, and this one got its popularity from a TikTok video. While most of us always simply shove a bag into the can from the bottom up, securing the top of the bag last, this trick got a lot of attention. It works, but it is noisy and it tends to wake up those who are light sleepers. Next time, simply stretch the bag open, place it around the opening of the can, and then push down on the inside of the bag (or toss it in some trash) to press it down.

2. Create an absorbent layer inside.

Whenever you have youngsters in the home who always dump cereal bowls in the trash despite the fact that you’ve asked them not to, put absorbent material at the bottom of a new trash bag. Non-recyclable paper products (like used paper towels or broken-down greasy pizza boxes) are perfect for this purpose. They can’t be recycled, so put them at the bottom of your trash bag to absorb the liquid before it leaks all over your floor when you empty the trash can.

3. Use hooks to secure rubbish bags.

Rubbish bags are not always of the same quality. You may end up with a low-quality brand or the wrong-size bag, and pulling the drawstring will not keep the bag’s edge tight around the edge of the garbage bin. As the rubbish bag fills up, the loose edge slides into the can and you must dig for it to pull it back into place. Put adhesive hooks upside down on either side of the trash bin a few inches below the opening and tuck drawstrings around them when you put a new bag in the bin.

4. Clip bags in place.

It’s such a bore to keep a trash bag from slipping into the bin when there are no drawstrings. You can knot the bag’s opening to keep it in place, but then you must untie the knot when you want to dispose of the trash. Binder clips make it much simpler to keep these sacks in place. Since the clips are thin, they should not impede the lid from closing.

5. Use Essential Oils to Mask Smells.

Trash bags are costly, so you throw away kitchen scraps to avoid the foul smell. However, you might not want to dispose of old onion skins or leftover food every time you toss them in the rubbish. You can use essential oils to reduce odors from your trash, or any odors that remain on the rubbish can itself. Put a paper towel on which you have rubbed a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the bottom of the can before you refill it with a new trash bag.

6. Absorb bad odors with kitty litter.

An alternative to essential oils for covering trash can odors is kitty litter. The smells are absorbed by the litter rather than covered. Consequently, when you dump the litter, the smells vanish as well. Kitty litter is messy and difficult to remove from the bottom of the can if liquid leaks and causes the litter to clump.

7. Add Adjoining Recycling.

There are advantages to recycling, even if you are not particularly concerned about the environment. For one thing, your trash can will be less cluttered with recyclables if you place them in your curbside bin. It may be difficult to get the rest of your family to recycle if they are used to throwing everything in the trash bin. Make recycling overly simple to resist by placing a recycling bin near the trash can and hanging a colorful sign that describes the items that can and cannot be recycled.

8. Drill Holes to Stop Garbage Bag Suction.

You might recognise this scenario: When you try to remove an excessively stuffed trash can, the bag appears to be suctioned to the receptacle. The harder you pull, the more tightly the bag seems to become stuck. It requires a lot of force to break the suction. To break the suction, put holes near the bottom of the trash can to allow air in, eliminating the vacuum effect so that trash bags can be removed easily even when they’re totally full.

9. Keep pets out.

Some dogs ignore the kitchen trash can entirely, while other dogs view it as a magical trash can filled with delicious food scraps and attempt to knock it over as often as possible. To keep the trash can in place, hook a bungee cord around it and hook it to two screw eyes or Command hooks on the wall, one on each side. This trash can hack will not keep out a mischievous puppy if it is shorter than the can. Securing the can to the wall will make it more difficult for a dog to enter if it wishes to. This can’t keep out a Great Dane.

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