DF12-Hair Dryer

Brand: Aolga

Specification: 220V-240V~, 50Hz/60Hz, 1800W; 1.8M power cable,XH –

209B anion care
Features: foldable; 360 magnetic ironing tuyere apparatus and anti-scald
nozzle; high torque and high speed; noise silencer ≤82dB;double -layer
structure and low surface temperature for thermal insulation effectively;
10m/s wind speed; 12L/s greater air volume; 20000r/min ±1300r/min
motor speed; 2 wind speed options; 3 temperature controlled options;
spray oil (through paint) surface; magnetic suction; flat nose; overheating
protection; optional anion care
Warranty: 2 years
Color: Gray/White