Where You Should be Sanitizing Your Hotel

Where You Should be Sanitizing Your Hotel

Hotels have implemented high level of sanitation protocols since the Covid 19 Outbreak. You also don’t want to sleep in the night with the last guest’s germs.

Here’s a guide where you need to sanitize the rooms in your hotel

• The Bathroom – Always make sure to clean surfaces such as faucets and handles before using. Never ever use the glasses for toothbrushing. Bringing of your own towels is highly recommended

• The Guest Room – Think of it like someone has been coughing into that room. It will be easier for you to know which you should clean. Try opening the balcony for a few hours to replenish the air inside.

• The Gym Area – Always make sure to wipe every gym equipment before you use. See if outdoor workout is possible

It may be beneficial to keep in mind where do virus infected have gotten into? All the places you can think of.

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