What is the Best Way to Clean Your Hotel Room

What is the Best Way to Clean Your Hotel Room

Before you start to unpack and enjoy your hotel room, check out these simple steps for the best way to clean your hotel room.

Develop A Cleaning Plan

Having a cleaning plan allows you to feel less stressed. The trick would be in creating a realistic schedule that will work for you specially while you are on vacation.
A cleaning plan should include all the tools, products and supplies.
• Garbage Bags
• Brooms and Dustpans
• Cleaning Chemicals
• Cleaning agents with germ killing properties
• Mops and Bucket
• Microfiber cloth

The Cleaning Process

Begin with the trash and the linens > Check the sheets and mattresses for stains, hairs and bed bugs. Make sure to request for new sheets should you find stains and bugs.

Make sure that trash bins are empty. You wouldn’t want to see other people’s trash.

Remake The Bed

Skip the bed spread. They may change bed linens but bed spreads and pillows aren’t wash or laundered between guest stays. Remove them from your bed or request housekeeping to take them off your room instead.

Do Not Backtrack

It is recommended to start back of the room and move to the front. Avoid going back. You wouldn’t want the dirt to circulate all across the room even more

Don’t forget the Floor

Add bleach or disinfectant to the mop water.

Keep in mind that the aim is not just clean room but a sanitize room.

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