More Tips for Successful Hotel Room Service

More Tips for Successful Hotel Room Service

Guests are provided with amenities and accommodations to make their stay at the hotel as comfortable as possible. Guests expect convenience, speed, and quality to have a memorable experience.

Here are some suggestions for enhancing your hotel’s room service to make it first-rate:

Make small details count: If a guest requests extra lemon in their tea, make sure this request is met with every meal service; this will make the delivery more efficient and make the guest happy.

Take transportation into account: Timing the preparation method is essential to avoid overcooking.

Presentation: When setting the table for your hotel guests, the table cloth, flatware, and glassware must reflect the upscale nature of a restaurant dining experience.

Speed up service: You can provide meals delivered in less than 20 minutes; on-the-go business travellers will appreciate bagged lunches.

Use technology: Mobile phones and tablets can increase convenience and eliminate errors during the ordering process.

Be prompt: Ensure that there is no delay in making the guest’s delivery; delivery delays are incredibly inconvenient for the guest; you can call the guest to notify them if there will be a delay or a problem with the kitchen.

Set your room service apart: Room service should offer unique items that entice guests to return for more.

Provide alternatives: If the hotel kitchen cannot remain open 24 hours a day, consider delivering take-out from nearby restaurants.

In-room cooking: If the suite has a kitchen, guests should sometimes be allowed to watch the chef prepare their meal in the room; it is always a wonderful experience for the guest and leaves a lasting impression.

Clean-ups: Trays or carts should not be left in the hallway; they should be removed as soon as the guests have finished eating. are suppliers of superior room service tables and hot boxes.

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