15 Tips on How You Can Make Your Guests Feel Special

How You Can Make Your Guests Feel Special

All guests expect excellent customer service, and it is your responsibility to make them feel special. Making your guests feel special will benefit the hotel’s brand.

What Makes Your Guest Feel Special?

1. Offering Little Extras

  • The friendly and welcoming smile on check-ins
  • Linen quality with a feeling of luxury
  • Lighting that creates a calm ambiance

When reviewing your hotel, ask yourself these questions

  • Are the bedsheets soft, clean, with comfortable beds?
  • Are the pillows enough?
  • Are the mattresses firm?
  • Is there enough supply of washcloths and hand towels?
  • Is the room’s temperature maintained at a comfortable degree?
  • Is the information like service guide and remote instructions easily accessible?

2. Offering Some Amenities for Free

You should research what your guests might want, and some of it should be free. Guests are always curious about whether your hotel serves breakfast and if there is free Wi-Fi; these amenities are usually standard in many hotels. It could be free juice, soda, water bottles, or even fluffy bathroom robes.

3. Efficient Service

Efficient service always makes the guest feel relaxed. An understaffed hotel will make the staff irritated with the guests and take out their frustration on them if they work too long shifts. You must schedule the right number of staff to deal with busy periods at the hotel.

4. Listen and Respond to Your Guests

When guests express their concerns regarding their stay, you should listen and assure them you’d make things right immediately. You should make them comfortable irrespective of how long their stay is.

5. Make Guests Feel You Are Concerned with Their Special Needs

  • Provide information about local child-friendly activities
  • Offer assistance to access wheelchair-friendly taxi services
  • Offer information about walking distance and times involved when visiting local attractions
  • Having staff members that are fluent in more than one language.

6. Train Your Staff

You should train your employees to respond to various scenarios and provide helpful information to guests.

7. Provide Complementary Items

These complementary items can be shampoo, conditioner, toiletries, and hot or cold drinks based on the climatic change.

8. Cancel Extra Charges on Occasional Basis

Charges such as Wi-Fi, gym, or tennis fees should sometimes be waived when guests check out. This gesture will give guests a positive impression of the hotel and increase their likelihood of returning.

9. Upgrades at Random

Upgrading a family from a one-bedroom suite to a two-bedroom suite will undoubtedly surprise and delight them

10. Offering Personalized Gifts

When expecting a loyal guest, having candy bars with wrappers that say “Thank You” with the guest’s name will make them feel special.

11. Anticipate Their needs

If you know your guest will love to go on a long hike, you can prepare a trail mix for the guest.

12. Send Your Guests Hand Written Notes or Postcards

Thanking your guest with handwritten notes will be a welcome surprise, and this gesture will go a long way in showing them how much you value them.

13. Include Loyal Guests in a Special Product Rollout

Invite your loyal guest to get the first chance to see your new improvements, which range from remodeled rooms to hotel expansions.

14. Special Offers

Offering discounts or online coupons that can be used on future stays goes a long way in making them happy.

15. Send Holiday Greetings

Sending “Happy Holidays” cards to your regular hotel guests is another way to make them feel special.

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