Managing Infection Control in Your Laundry

Managing Infection Control in Your Laundry

To avoid gastro and peak flu outbreaks, infection control must be taken seriously.

Here is some information on how you can help yourself and the laundry:

The Goal of the Infection Control Program

An effective infection program that protects the community can prevent the spread of infection. Infection is reduced and can be avoided by maintaining proper hygiene.

Laundering Requirement

Disinfection during laundry can be done in two ways:

Thermally by maintaining a temperature of 650c for ten minutes and 710c for three minutes while washing. And chemically by using ozone in cold water for linens that are heat sensitive.

Your Wash Program

An infectious program is a wash program for infected linens that ensures disinfection during the washing process. Disinfection can be validated before and after a washing process using a bacterial enumeration swab test, also known as a Tectra swab test.

Minimizing Cross-Contamination

Infectious linen should be kept separate in a resealable, dissolvable bag. These bags should not be opened; instead, they should be loaded directly into the washer. When handling these bags, gloves, PPE, face masks, and an apron should be worn. After loading them into the washer, remove the gloves before closing the door. After the machine has finished washing, press the stop button and open the door to avoid cross-contamination. suppliers of a wide range of laundry trolleys.

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