The Importance of Creating Effective Hotel Signage Design


The Importance of Creating Effective Hotel Signage Design

For many hotel owners, irrespective of how big or small their business is, this might not be one of the major concerns when setting up a new property or renovating an existing one. 

But, the fact of the matter remains that having clear and concise signage for your hotel can play a very huge role in customer service and retention. 

So, if you are a hotel owner looking for ideas to create an effective hotel signage design for your property, here are some easy tricks you can follow to achieve the same.

Begin with the typography.

Not only is typography—the font type and style—one of the key elements of graphic design, but it also ensures brand recognition, charm, and reliability. So, it is essential that you choose the one that goes perfectly with the overall theme of your hotel. 

Light it up perfectly.

You don’t really have to be a highway motel to install LED-lit signage. A glowing sign is a must-have for helping your visitors find you after dark and during inclement weather conditions. 

It will also help provide a very decorative ambiance inside your hotel, especially during dark hours when you need to navigate your customers to a facility. It could be at the poolside, at a nearby restaurant, etc.

Include logo elements if possible.

The branding of your hotel must follow all forms of its presence.

Confused? Let us explain this!

When we talk about branding a business, the usual parameter which comes to our mind is marketing through digital content or using offline methods. It could be through social media, brochures, flyers, billboards, etc.

However, the dynamic incorporation of the hotel brand into the accommodation’s signage also helps to reinforce its overall identity.

For example, a highlight point with the hotel’s logo can be a special Instagram spot, in front of which customers will be photographed, while advertising your hotel “for free” through their social media.

Use the power of simplicity through minimal design.

In the race to be different from your competitors, don’t end up creating a hotel signage design that is so complex that it loses its meaning entirely.

In simple words, “hotel signage does not need to be complex.”

It may seem to be a creative idea to include several shades of color, patterns, illustrations, and symbols on a signboard, but it can often confuse a visitor looking for easy information, or worse, fail to get the message across.

Depending on the hotel’s concept and aesthetics, the designer should develop the most efficient signboards, which will be both beautiful and functional.

Take professional help.

After going through all the parameters as discussed above, it should not be a surprise or a matter of further contemplation that you should outsource design services to a professional agency.

It is a matter of your hotel’s reputation and word-of-mouth branding, and that should never be compromised by low-key design work.

An experienced designer would know very well the extent to which a design element must be used and the way of using it in order to create an effective hotel signage design.

To conclude… 

Hotel signage designs are great for communicating brand values and conveying the most outstanding aspects of your hotel in visual form. Depending on the design, they can give your customers an idea of what to expect and imply positive (or negative) traits about your business. ” 

Therefore, it becomes imperative for all hoteliers to think carefully about their hotel signage design. specialist in hotel signage

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