Do you really need to Disinfect your Hotel Room during Covid 19?

Do you really need to Disinfect your Hotel Room during Covid 19?

Despite the rising number of cases globally, it seems people have decided to just live as if there’s no Covid 19. After being stuck at home for almost 2 years, most people have decided its time to hit the road again. It could be for the much-needed vacation, going home to your families or visiting relatives you haven’t seen since the pandemic happened. More people on the road would also mean many people will be booking and staying in a hotel.

But how far should you go when it comes to cleaning/disinfecting your hotel room? Check out what experts has to say.

Clean Smart

Experts says that wiping most touched places such as door knobs, light switches, even remote control and faucets would be a good idea. No need for major cleaning since contaminated surfaces is not the main way the virus spreads. Scientist says that the virus spreads through respiratory transmissions

Open A Window if You Can

This is highly recommended. Imagine previous guest talking, singing, might be sneezing or coughing. These leads to virus particles are emitted into the air. The tiniest droplets can last for hours.

Always remember that the real risk of exposure to the virus would be outside your hotel room. Make sure to always wear your masks in public spaces and also avoiding large crowd would help.

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