Covid-19: How To Sanitize Your Hotel Room

How To Sanitize Your Hotel Room for Covid-19

A hotel room is a home away from home; several strangers will have slept in that same room, and the cleaning staff may not maintain the same level of cleanliness as at home.

Hotel rooms should be sanitized under normal circumstances, but extra precautions should be taken to protect travelers from contracting covid-19.

To sanitize your hotel room, guests should try the following methods:

Gather Your Supplies

Supplies such as disinfectants and wipes are required. You should choose products that kill viruses; if you choose products that are hospital-grade, powerful, and contain bleach, you should wear gloves and a mask to protect yourself. With wipes, you can clean the phone, doorknob, ice bucket, bathroom facet handle, toilet handle, and remote control.

Wash Your Hands

Washing your hands regularly will help reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria from whatever you are touching. Even if the room isn’t sanitized, washing your hands regularly will keep you safe from germs. Also, make sure to clean all of the items you frequently touch.

Making Use of Your Bedspread

Some hotels don’t wash the heavy bedspreads; you can call the hotel to know how frequently the bedspreads are washed or bring your travel-friendly blanket to replace the hotel bedspread.

All hard surfaces should be cleaned.

Hard surfaces, such as tables, desks, and shelves, should be cleaned, especially if you store items that will come into contact with the mouth, such as glassware, food, and drinks.

Bathroom Surfaces Should Be Cleaned

Germs can accumulate in this area, you should clean the bathroom, toilet seat, and lid.

Avoid Glassware

You can’t be sure how well the glasses and mugs were washed, but you can run them in hot water for two minutes to kill bacteria before using them.

Place the remote in a Ziploc bag.

You may not be able to avoid touching the remote control; however, to avoid direct contact with the remote, pick it up with a glove, place it in a plastic bag, and zip it up. This allows you to operate it without coming into direct contact with the surface. suppliers of housekeeping trolleys


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